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Why Deal With Reality When There Is Fiction? 

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Writing a Critical Essay

A workbook designed to teach and guide students on how to write a critical essay. It covers everything from analysis, to outlining, and everything in between. The focus is so that a student can analyze and develop a complete critical essay in no time. Great for teens and adult learners who need help with writing an essay or writing a timed essay.  

Orion's Honor

A historical fiction novel set during WWII. 

Stationed on Wake Island in the fall of 1941, a wise-cracking soldier has to decide if saving his childhood friend from a path of self-destruction is worth exposing his greatest betrayal, but time is running out as the war closes in. Ben must choose between saving his friend, and saving their friendship.  


An Anthology of horror short stories. 

From real monsters, to monstrous acts, this anthology has 10 tales of the strange, the unnatural, and the horrific. Featuring stories by: 

James A. Hunter

Emily Godhand

Thomas A. Fowler

and Melissa Koons

Romance Novels

Coming soon! Historical fiction romance novels.

Be swept off your feet in the highlands of Scotland, awaken in a fairy tale, and fall for compelling characters.

Delight in adventures with action, fantasy, and of course-- plenty of romance. 

Look for the first release coming soon. 

Mind Rules to End Lost Soul and Body

A collection of poetry and artwork that has taken over a decade to compile and create. Each section explores the uniqueness of the human experience and sensations of living. 

Mel's Magnificent Musings Blog


Training and Procedural Writing

Need a training document written? Or a how-to guide for customers and/or users? Write Illusion offers freelance training and procedural documentation writing. 

Contact us with your project details for a quote. 

Copy Editing and Proofreading

Need a paper edited for your Master's class? Have a document or presentation that needs proofreading for your company? Working on a novel and want your manuscript cleaned up? Write Illusion offers certified copy editing and proofreading services. Contact us with your project details for a quote


Formatting Services

Need a book formatted for print or ebook publication? Need a document cleaned up for a presentation? Write Illusion offers formatting services for books, documents, and all forms of publications. 


Educational Services

Need a lesson plan for your substitute? Need a unit plan for an upcoming unit? Need a custom education plan for your student to help them succeed in school 

Write Illusion has a certified English, Social Studies, and Special Education teacher who can help. Licensed for secondary education grades 6-12. 


Author Helps

Looking for guidance on how to self-publish your book? Need help finding reliable service providers? Not sure how to navigate the craft and/or business of writing? 

Then Author Helps will help you. 

Free resources and reliable referrals for the writing community. 

Advice, tips, tricks, and resources for authors from authors, editors, and artists. 

Listen now to the Author Helps Podcast!


Geeky Gab

A Podcast Where We Gab About Everything Geeky

The podcast is on hold, but all 44 episodes are still free and available to listen to!

Found on all major platforms. 

Geeky Gab is a Spine Press + Post production where authors Melissa Koons and Thomas A. Fowler discuss the latest franchises, story structure, rankings, and marketing strategies. Their site also features: in-depth blogs about focused fandoms, fandom-focused recipes, pop culture lesson plans for teachers, and announcements on our latest book releases. Follow Geeky Gab and sign up for our newsletter for the latest! 


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