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Coaching for Writers

Coaching Services

Whether you're an aspiring writer or an experienced one, sometimes we all need a little coaching to help us navigate the writing world. 

Coaching services include Script and Book Doctoring, developmental coaching for characters and plot, and coaching for publishing options. 

Every coaching session starts with a fee consultation/ free question.


Some fees may apply.

Any fees for time devoted to your situation will be clearly communicated upfront after the free consultation if continued assistance is requested. You will have the option to opt out prior to any charge being applied. 

eBook Reader

Print and eBook Formatting

Formatting Services

Formatting services are offered to publishing companies and individuals alike. Formatting services include eBook and print formatting for distribution on all major platforms including Amazon, IngramSparks, Kobo, and PDFs for newsletter giveaways. 

File types delivered are: 

eBook: ePub and Kindle

Print: PDF and Word


Print Formatting:    $1.75    1K Words
eBook Formatting:  $0.75    1K Words

Add-on Pictures: $1.00 per picture or table

professional developmnet training sessio

Instruction Materials

Education Services

A variety of instructional materials are available for purchase or commission. This applies to professional instructors who are giving presentations or trainings to adults as well as educators in secondary. 

Materials can include presentation development, group engagement strategies, lesson plans, unit outlines and resources, substitute lesson plans, modifications and accommodations, and public speaking strategies. 

Secondary Education Materials: Grades 6-12

Certified in English, Social Studies, and Special Education. Not limited to these subjects.